Inspecting a Promising New Facility

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Inspecting a Promising New Facility

Starting an info website is a great idea for a business or non-profit organization looking to create a presence on the internet. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when creating such a site, but it is not something that should be overly complicated. A good way to start building an online presence is to offer a free food facility inspection report in your community that has been impacted by a range of major violations. By offering this service you will draw interested visitors and potentially new patrons.

The initial step is to make sure your local area has staff that can perform this inspection on site. If this cannot be achieved it is important to have as many staff on hand as possible to cover all areas. Once this is completed, the next step is to submit a request for a food facility inspection status verification. This request should include all required items. These items should include all major violations, dates and times that the inspector has visited the facility, and the location where the violations occurred.

The next step in this process is to submit your site visit request to the Food facility. You should include detailed information about the nature of your site visit, a description of your site visit, and your proposed inspection procedures. You should also include a list of the impacted areas in addition to the locations where the violations took place. All of these items are then to be submitted in a follow up inspection request.

It is important to note that most facilities will only accept either the first inspection or the re-open of the facility if the prior inspection was a clean one. If either of these inspections is a clean result, most facilities will not consider both inspections necessary. Therefore it is important to know the procedure for each facility before submitting your site visit request. If you feel that the inspection was a bad one, you should consider whether it is likely that the re-open will be similarly negative.

In a nutshell, the Food facility must be open and allow for the posting of the inspected report. If it does not, you should consider whether the re-open would be appropriate. If it is not, then you can consider submitting a new site visit request, and request that the routine inspection be scheduled again. You should also consider that most facilities will not accept new site visits for minor periodic inspections. Finally, if the retail food facility inspection did not turn out to be negative and there are multiple problems, then you should consider submitting a formal notice of appeal to the State or County responsible.

Hopefully this article has provided additional clarification regarding food facility inspections and the importance of reviewing the inspectors’ report before you sign off on the inspection. The purpose of an inspection is to ensure that the facility earned its grade card, and there are significant and widespread issues that warrant further investigation. A grade card is an indication of whether a facility is meeting Food Service Inspection standards, and if it is not meeting those requirements, there may be an imminent health hazard that should be resolved before you allow the facility to operate.