How Do Graphic Design Thinking and Types Meet Each Other?

Design is an art and a discipline which studies the way things look. It is the arrangement of parts in space so that they interact and fit together to produce a particular end result. A design is typically a blueprint or specifications for the construction of some physical object or mechanism, or even for the production of a model, procedure, or product, or the end result of such blueprint or specification. The word design also refers to the process of coming up with a design. Design can be used to refer to artistic creation, such as paintings, architecture, motion pictures, and so on.

Designing, when done well, should allow for the viewer to have an overall view of the item, service or system being designed. This is what makes the designer’s job exciting because the more involved the viewer is in viewing the finished product, the more the final product can fulfill its purpose. There are many different types of design, each with their own unique place in the overall scheme of things. Here are some of the different types of design that people use on a daily basis:

o Planning/ Concepts – These types of designs refer to the overall theme of the work. Every general concept or theme can be broken down into these basic types. For example, a business’s overall purpose could be to create an atmosphere where customers are comfortable. An office could be designed around this idea by using color and furniture accordingly. Every general concept or theme can also be broken down into several smaller types such as color matching, function matching, visual flow, etc. These types of designs are very important to the success of every project.

o Graphic Design – These types of designs refer to the creation of visual images. Art Director, Video Director, Motion Picture Designer, Video Game Designer, etc. are just a few of the various titles within this category. The goal of each individual in this position is to make sure that the final product looks beautiful and that it is easy for everyone to comprehend. This is one of the most important jobs in the industry because the needs of the client must be met in order for the project to be a huge success.

o User Perspective – In design thinking these are the final concepts created by the designer. When people look at something they think about their own personal experience with it. A great way to put this in motion in the work process is to first start out by asking the user what their overall opinion is about the product or service. Then the designer can work backwards from there to develop a solution that addresses that user perspective. A good example of this would be developing a questionnaire that will help the user understand the product further.

o Specific Customers Needs – All the types of design thinking described above are geared towards making the best product or service that has the most complete solution available to the customer. However, there are some jobs that simply do not have these options because they are very specific in what they need to offer. In this type of situation it is usually necessary to develop other processes that help with fulfilling the customer’s desire. A good example of this would be finding graphic designers who are skilled in working with business owners who want to present a professional image to their customers.