An Overview of a Developer

A computer programmer, often known as a computer engineer, a computer programer or simply a coder, is someone who develops computer software for a variety of uses. The word computer programmer can apply to a single expert in one field of computers or to an individual who writes multiple codes for a wide range of uses. Programmers must understand the computers from a hardware and software perspective in order to write appropriate programs for that hardware and software platform. They use different forms of programming languages to construct programs from text files, database files, images and other computer-programming constructs.

Computer software programs are used everywhere, from personal computers and cellular phones to the sophisticated networks of corporations. They form the backbone of how businesses operate. In addition, software programs are used to manage the operations of businesses. Software developers are responsible for writing the code that runs the company’s computer systems.

However, software developers are not only knowledgeable about the technology they work with but also about the business practices of the organizations they work for. These practices help to ensure that the software developed by the developer functions properly. The combination of technical skills and business knowledge results in a developer that can solve problems quickly and easily. In essence, a developer must be able to think on his feet.

There are some aspects of the computer code that programmers need to pay close attention to. Coding, which is technically the art of writing the computer code, is divided into two areas: high level programming (HLL) and low level programming (LLL). Each of these areas has its own intricacies that need to be understood and passed by a developer. Generally, programmers start out with an idea for a program, followed by detailed coding of the details. Once a developer has written the basic pieces of code he is ready to test it.

As opposed to the developer who simply writes code, the web developer is the one who actually visualizes the end product. A good web developer will have a working knowledge of web design as well as coding. They should possess good communication skills, be detail oriented and understand business processes. Web developers are usually required to work closely with designers, developers and marketers in order to create a successful website.

Programming developers are required to be licensed according to state laws. While they generally start out as entry level workers, experienced developers can find jobs in both permanent and contract positions. For instance, permanent coders may find full-time employment as an information systems consultant or a web content developer. On the other hand, contract programmers can obtain part-time contract positions in order to build their skills and knowledge. New graduates and young professionals will be pleased to know that most IT companies require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, along with certification from an accredited vocational institute.